The Apple Store Wedding

A New York couple, Josh & Ting Li, who are obsessed with Apple products decided to get married inside an Apple store!

Last Sunday, on Valentines day no less, Josh and Ting Li (both from New York) got married amidst a crowd of iPods, iMacs, and MacBook Pros. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Josh said that he and his now wife actually met in an Apple Store. “We got to know each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod,” Josh recalled, “and I managed to strike up a conversation that way.” Ah, a tale as old as time.

The priest was dressed like Steve Jobs, and read the service from a white iPhone. The rings were conveyed not on a pillow, but on a first-generation iPod. Her vows were written on a card that said “I love you more than this” with a picture of an iPhone.

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