Jani Lane Arrested For Drunk Driving

Here’s a name from the 90s! Remember Warrant? Remember Cherry Pie? Remember that infamous video? Remember Jani Lane?

The on again, off again former singer of Warrant, Jani Lane, was recently arrested by the LAPD cops for drunk driving. Records show Jani was arrested late Wednesday in the San Fernando Valley. Police say the 45-year-old singer posted $30,000 bail on Thursday.

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Why do rock stars & other celebs get into such silly trouble as drunk driving? I mean, do they do it on purpose in order to get some spotlight on them? Their names in the papers & tabloids (and blogs) when their career ain’t so hot anymore?

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download in the land of women Well, a one time top band, Warrant haven’t had much success since the early to mid 90s but they have some good tunes. I wasn’t one of those who turned Judas on hair metal bands when grunge came in. True that a lot of those bands were crap but then so are a lot of bands. You gotta pick & choose who your favourites are. And hey, I’ve been listening to Warrant since 1990! They have some good tunes and chemistry.

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