Jericho Is Champ

I haven’t been following the WWE that much in the last year or so. It kinda soured on me with the whole Chris Benoit death controvesy thing. So I just watch snippets here & there or try to catch up on pay-per-view results – not on tv – but through Wikipedia. I also try to read up on some of the former wrestlers and what they are upto these days.

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I suddenly remembered today that ">Unforgiven had taken place on the 7th but I had no idea of the results. I wasn’t sure as to when they would air it here on Ten Sports but since I rarely watch tv anymore, I thought I’d check out the results.

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And I found out that although Chris Jericho lost the grudge match to HBK due to the severity of his injuries, he still shone in the end. Jericho replaced reigning champ CM Punk in the scramble match for the World Heavyweight title (as CM Punk was unable to compete due to an assault) and, with 2 seconds, left on the clock in the limited time contest, pinned Kane and won the belt in an awesome comeback.

I know he is supposed to be a ‘heel’ wrestler now but I can’t stand most idiots that the WWE seems to support and hence I’m cheering on for Jericho. Y2J rocks!

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