Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Just got the movie yesterday and since I was at home today, I popped it in my computer’s dvd player this afternoon. It’s an alright movie, nothing great and nothing too memorable. Adapted from the classic Jules Verne novel, Journey To The Center Of The Earth the movie is about Trevor (Brendan Fraser) a volcanologist who has to take care of his nephew for a few days.
Trevor finds some notes in his brother’s copy of the book, which leads him to Iceland. His nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) comes along as he would like to know what happened to his dad, Trevor’s brother Max, who has been missing for 10 years. They hook up with Hannah (Anita Brem) whose father worked with Max and has disappeared as well. Anita takes them to a mountain on a hike and while there they have to seek refuge in a cave as lightning strikes.

As the cave collapses, they investigate the cave further, only to fall into a pit and find themselves in the “center of the earth”. They find rubies, diamonds and an glowing kind of bird, one of which befriends Josh. There’s a wonderful ride in an abandoned mine. They stumble onto Max’s dwelling and find his notes. They also find his dead body and give it a proper burial.

They encounter a carnivores plant, out of this world scenery and a T-rex who nearly has Josh for lunch before Trevor rescues him. They ride in a skull of a dead dinosaur across the river. Trevor uses a flare to ignite the magnesium in the wall and causes a geyser to shoot them through Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Once they get back, Josh leaves to go live with him mom, but he and Trevor are now close and they promise to get together soon. Anita & Trevor have also become close and are now a couple. Using the diamonds & rubies from the cave, Trevor funds his late brother’s lab and Josh buys a house with him mom.

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