Juices & Biriyani With Alapatt

Had a day out today. I meant to just go out for an hour or so and pay my internet and phone bills but as I was finishing breakfast my close buddy Anil Alapatt called me up and said he was on leave and in town and would I be free to hang out for  few hours. I said yes and I went to Bay Pride Mall (a little late but better than never) and met him at the entrance. Now it is a freakingly hot & humid day, as the weather has been brutal for the past couple of weeks and we were thirsty and tired. We went to the food court and bought fruit juices; he had a watermelon juice and I had something called a “sunrise” which is orange+musambi mix.

We sat at a table and waited for our drinks. We talked for almost 2 hours over there and enjoyed out cold drinks, which were delicious and refreshing and talked about a lot of stuff. We also called Madhu in Qatar and spoke to him for a while. At around 2pm we went across in the searing heat to Ceylon Bake House and ate chicken biriyanis and lemonades. Now a couple of things – most biriyanis in the hotels these days makes me depressed and the quality had dropped quite a bit. But hey atleast there were 3 pieces of chicken, which I rarely get these days in a single biriyani! The quality & quantity though leaves a lot to be desired.

Despite only going out in the sun for a few more minutes we were both tired and a bit scorched from the heat. Anil wanted to sit somewhere and talk and so we went to Coffee Beanz for something to drink. I went to pay my internet bill (the hub is 2 stores away) and then went to find Anil in the cafe. As Anil was nursing a cold he wanted hot coffee and I settled for a cold “lemon fizz”. They served me that which looked good but tasted bad! It honestly tasted like melted down lemon cough drops (like Strepstils or Vicks) mixed with soda and ice! I swear I am not making this up. I sent it back to add more soda and dilute that shit but it still was terrible and I could only finish half. We waited till 4pm and then went to the Marine Drive walkway for a few more minutes and then parted ways.

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