Just 24 Hours For Us To Live?

If you only had one day to live, how you’d spend it

Is it just me that’s going to die in 24 hours or the rest of the world as well? Let’s say we have this huge, catastrophic event on a global scale – the earth is about to hit by huge asteroids and the impact will kill off each & every living thing on earth! Not even cockroaches will survive (good!) and not even germs and viruses. Everything that is termed alive will be killed off. The earth will initially have tsunamis the side of mountains hit many areas and then heat from the exploding celestial bodies hitting each other will burn out everything on the surface. Leaving behind no trace of anything ever having existed on earth.

Nice, cheerful thought eh? I’ve always thought about what I’d do for the end of the world.  I’d hope that my cousins and I can gather all our close family & relatives in one big place. Have everyone under one roof so we can go out together. Huddled in one big, huge room or hall. Get all the best food we can lay out hands on; it doesn’t matter which particular ones but for sure beef, chicken, pork & bacon, fish will be on the menu. Pizza, burgers, fried rice, naan, porotta & noodles. Fried stuff, curry stuff, grilled stuff. Lots of beer, vodka, brandy and whiskey. Lots of fruit, milkshaked, juices and ice cream.

Loud music playing on speakers, all our favourite hit songs of all time. Large tables set up, each staggering under the weight of the food. Lots of jokes and laughter. And yeah some of them will be crying as well. I won’t! I will be happy. To go out with all my loved ones near me and enjoying food and drink and everyone in one place. That is something that is difficult to achieve but we did it. I would be happy. And as the hours and minutes tick on by and we reach the end and as the world breaks apart and just before everyone is killed instantly, I will look around at everybody and smile. Good bye & good night!

Prompt from Sweet ideas: 50 things to blog about at Fat Mum Slim

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