Just Another Long Day

So yesterday was a looooong day for me. I was to go viaa company cab to the airport and pick up a client who was flying in from Chennai. Due to notoriously unreliable traffic over here it was decided that the can would come to my place by 9:30 am and head straight to the airport as her flight was expected to land by 11:30 am. I got up by 7 am, almost 90 minutes earlier than usual for my evening shift schedule and got ready by 9am, having shaved and showered but still feeling the effects of less sleep.

When the cab was late I called up my admin team and checked. The cab driver then called me and I gave him directions to my apartment building. By 9:50 am I was in the cab and we headed to the airport. By 11:05 am we reached there and saw that the flight was early by almost 15 minutes. Not having met the client lady or seen what she looks like I had a placard with her name on it. She came out soon enough and after exchanging pleasantries I accompanied her to her hotel and made sure she had no problems in checking in. Then I asked the cab guy to drop me at the office as it was already 12:30 pm. But my shift was to start only by 3:30!

So I dilly dallied at the office going through mails and stuff and had a leisurely lunch at 1:30pm and waited for the team to come and start our scheduled work for the day. The client came to our office after 9 and we met and discussed the agenda she had planned. I was in sessions with her from 10:30 till 2:30 am after which I escorted her to her cab and then went to find one for myself and reached home by 3:30 am!

By the time I fell asleep it must have been after 4 am but I was awake by 7:30 am though I slept a bit more. By 10am I got outta bed for some coffee.

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