Keep Locksmith Numbers Handy

I spoke to my mom this weekend while we were having coffee and asked her if she remembered the time when I got locked in our apartment in Kuwait. After a little prompting she smiled and said yes she did remember the incident and that I got scared and even cried a little – no I did not – and wonders how we got the door open again. I was kid, maybe 7 or so I managed to get myself locked in when I accidentally jammed the lock on the door that separates the main bedroom, bathroom and kitchen of our flat in Kuwait City from the living room and the key broke in the lock. I was panicking and my mother was panicking but finally she managed to get hold of my dad who called in the locksmith that he knew and an 90 minutes later, I was free.

Services like Capital Locksmith are always a good option to have on your dial list for emergencies. One of my friends out in Glebe had such a problem when she came home late at night and had to stand outside in the cold as her key to the front door of her house broke in the lock. Her only option was to wait in the cold with a thermos of coffee while the guy drove up to her house and let her in and made a quick change of lock and gave her the new keys. This experience was unsettling for her considering that it was almost 11pm and it was a cold late November night.

Having a reliable service that operates all hours or the day is reassuring incase you do have that unfortunate situation happen to you and your family.

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