Keep Your Voice Away From My Table

I hate inconsiderate people and my state has these buffoons who don’t even think that other people exist – so why even bother to worry about other people’s space? I’d like to bring to your attention to the situation my cousin & I had on Saturday. Some of you may think that it’s not a big deal but things like this irk me a lot.

So Saturday afternoon my cousin & I were sitting in a booth at the Velocity bar. I must tell you that I and the usual company that I keep are very decent & quite but we still have our fun. This bar is not too big and therefore the space between tables is less. The comfy booths are placed one behind the other so if you turn around your face is about 10 inches away from the neck of the person sitting in the booth behind you. I don’t mind this as long as the people sitting in the other booths are decent and don’t make that much noise. But a lot of us Malayalees think that drinking is a free license to do anything and act as loud & boorish as possible. Case in point this bugger who got a phone call that afternoon.

This tall dude was as loud as possible and disturbed all conversations nearby. I don’t think he had been at the bar for long and probably only had a drink or 2. He kept walking the length of the bar and so everyone else had a earful of his conversation to whoever the fuck he was talking with. I’m telling you that this sonofabitch was very loud and irritating. I was speaking to my cousin about this and then….the bastard sat down in a chair kept next to our booth and proceeded to chat even louder! The seat that was placed there was an extra chair that the staff keep as a spare just in case a group needs another chair round a table. So now, I can’t hear what my cousin is saying and vice versa! Annoying right?

So I did the only thing that came to me – I spoke even louder so that it made it difficult for the bugger to keep his end of the conversation going without asking the other person to repeat sentences being said! And I also used words that were sounding in appropriate like “blow job”, “prostitute”, “orgasm”, “fuck & fucking” and other such choice words. I would say these words even louder than the rest of the sentences and in a couple of minutes, the idiot got a clue and took his call outside.

You should have seen my cousin laughing! I was still pissed off and went back to my drink.

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