Kill For Me

The young actresses who star in the led me to check out this film, along with a veteran actor like Donal Logue and Ryan Robbins (who is only it for a coupe of scenes). Kill For Me is a 2013 Canadian film that focuses on the lives of 2 young women who have had abusive pasts and are trying to move on with their lives. The movie stars Tracy Spiridiakos (from Revolution), Katie Cassidy (of Supernatural & Arrow) with Logue, Robbins, Leah Gibson, Adam Di Marco & Torrence Coombs and is directed by Michael Greenspan who also co-wrote the film.

College student Amanda lives in a house with her two roommates and her world is shattered when her close friend & roommate Natalie goes missing after her work shift at a bar ended. Everyone thinks she either eloped or found college too tough and went to travel the world but Amanda puts of posters around town. After the cops find no evidence of foul play, Natalie and the 3 roommate Zoe put out ads for Natalie’s room for sharing the rent. Along comes Hayley who also goes to the same college and she is shown the house and room and decides to rent the vacant room. Hayley shows signs of being an abused child; she has scars on her back and she goes to her family farmhouse to collect money that her dead mother was saving up and seems fearful of her father. When Zoe goes on a trip with her boyfriend Amanda & Hailey become close both sharing their stories of abuse; Amanda recently broke up from her abusive boyfriend Cameron but he is still obsessed with her and is trying to get back.

Hailey tells Amanda that her father Garret was abusive to both her and her mother and that he killed her mother, making it look like a suicide. One afternoon Hailey helps Amanda in beating and chasing away Cameron but he comes back with a gun and hits both of them, cornering Amanda to the basement. In the melee Hailey takes a hatchet that Amanda had picked up to defend herself and kills Cameron. Hailey then begs Amanda to help her bury the body and shows her Garret’s farmhouse – when Garret leaves late in the evening to head to a bar, the girls dig up a hole in the surrounding woods and sink his bike in the lake. The girls then go back home and spurred by their emotional experience shower and have sex. However Hailey alerts the cops and tries to frame her father but despite the fact that they find the dead body & the bike on his property, due to lack of solid evidence the case against Garret is dropped. Amanda feels betrayed but when she comes home she finds a beaten & bruised Hailey – her father knew it was she who tipped of the police and took revenge on Hailey. Hailey now asks Amanda to kill for her, just as she had killed Cameron for Amanda. When Amanda refuses, Hailey blackmails her with the hatchet; she had wiped her fingerprints off it but Amanda’s still remains.

When that doesn’t work, Hailey kidnaps Amanda’s friend Mark and threatens to kill him unless Amanda goes along with her plan. When Amanda agrees the two head for the bar that Garret frequents and it is the same bar that Natalie used to work at. Hailey knows her father’s pattern – he drinks till closing time and usually tries to pick up a young woman to have drinks & sex with at his house. Amanda dresses up and flirts with Garret, which initially does not work but she manages to get his attention and later they head to his house. Once there, Amanda is to poison his drink but Garret is suspicious and hence tells her a made up story – he tells her about his “troubled” daughter Hailey who was violent and abusive to his wife and who killed her mother and set it up as a suicide. Garret is about to drink the poisoned drink when Amanda stops him and tells him the truth. They stage his death taking photos of him lying “dead” on the floor to show Hailey. Amanda goes to Hailey claiming that the job is done and gets Mark released. Hailey suspects that her father tricked Amanda and forces her friend at gunpoint back to the farm. They find Garret lying in the barn but he attacks and shoots Hailey and then attacks Amanda. He then confirms Hailey’s story – he is infact an abusive father and killed Hailey’s mother. He is about to drag a screaming Amanda and drop her into a hatch opening in the ground when a dying Hailey grabs the gun and shoots him dead. Hailey dies in Amanda’s arm, finally free.

As Amanda sits in the barn she hears movement from the underground section of the barn and investigates it to find her friend Natalie in it! A disheveled Natalie had been abducted and sexually abused by Garret as she left her bar job and he was keeping her prisoner for his pleasure. Amanda pulls Natalie out of the underground and calls the cops telling them that she & Hailey suspected Garret to be keeping Natalie prisoner and on investigation found Natalie but Hailey got killed while defending them from Garret who also died at the hands of his daughter. As the cop cars pull away with the girls the movie ends. Good low budget flick that really tries it’s best to surprise you with the two twists in the film. And while they weren’t really that surprising they do work well. Watch it for the storyline and the themes, I’ll have to give it an 8 outta 10 for the fact that it is a low budget flick that still engaged me throughout but overall as a film probably a 7 outta 10!

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