King Choice Of Soft Drinks

When I very young I used to drink Pepsi a lot. It was king of the sodas or soft drinks for me. Everywhere my folks took me I ordered Pepsi. The next favourite one was 7up, especially with a little lemon flavour. Pepsi also had a Lemon Pepsi, that had a cool awesome ad, which I loved a lot. That was when i lived in Kuwait.

Moved to India and for a while we didn’t get the major drinks at all. We had to wait for a while before Pepsi & Coke made their way over here in a big way and fought tooth and nail for the Indian market supremacy. We had a big Indian version of the Cola wars that made the rest of us look away ashamed. As the smoke cleared I settled on 7up as my favourite drink for a log while until I re-discovered Sprite with a vengeance. I would opt for Pepsi or Coke if there was nothing else to drink and especially if I was drinking rum, whiskey or brandy ~ they just taste better with them!

But usually if I didn’t Sprite, I’d take a 7up or Mountain Dew. Those were what I liked best and unlike some uninitiated folks, I can tell the differences between the 3 colourless soft drinks blindfolded! As if you couldn’t do it, it’s easy. Sprite has been my fav and anytime I get a choice Sprite will be the one that I pick up. Anyway I find them the most refreshing and they go perfectly with my vodka. Vodka + Sprite or Vodka + 7up go awesomely well (I’ve never tried Mountain Dew with an alcoholic drink) with some ice. It’s perfect.

2 thoughts on “King Choice Of Soft Drinks

  1. I have three favourite soft drinks – Diet Coke, Schweppes Ginger Ale and Italian mineral water. I drink gallons of them. Glug glug glug!!!

  2. The Coke in India, as compared to what I remember drinking in Kuwait, is bad. I usually only use it to ass it with whiskey or brandy on the rare ocassions that I drink them. Give me a Sprite any time of the day!

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