King Of Candy

M&M peanut – oh man, how things have changed for me and my choice of candy. Snickers was king for such a long time but it hasn’t been the reigning king for a while now. Unofficially M&M Peanuts has taken over as the reigning champion and overall king in my life as far as candy is concerned and overall movie watching snack.

Take a bow M&M peanuts and here is your crown. The kind is dead, Long live the new king. Snickers you too should take a bow and enjoy the applause and the adoration and admiration. But yes, long live the new king.

I now cannot even imagine a weekend at home watching movies without a couple of packets of the awesome chocolate covered peanuts that M&M to enjoy as I watch the film or films. Now that it is Thursday, I need to see if I can buy a couple of packets of the joy giving peanuts by Friday night or Saturday morning.

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