King Of Fruits Reigns Over Me

The king of fruits! His royal majesty has already reigned over me during the last few days and I am begging for more.

Mangoes – it’s summer and I am begging for mangoes. I must say that I prefer to drink mango juice rather than eat it. Within the last 5 days I have had two bottles (a 250 ml and a 500 ml) of cold mango juice from two different manufactures. Both times it quenched my thirst but it also left me craving for more.

On my way back home, I bought the 500 ml of Slice, a delicious bottled mango juice which goes down well any time. I have experimented with mangoes as in cutting up a few, making thick slush juice of it and serving it chilled. I also like mango pickle, both ripe & raw varieties, mango ‘kalan’ (a curry) and mango flavoured ice creams, shakes & smoothies.

But what’s this – both Absolut & Finlandia Mango flavoured vodka? Now that’s something to get excited about. Two of my favs – mango & vodka!

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