King Of Thirst Quencehers

Since this is the worst summer (for us here it’s from March till say end of June before the monsoon season really hits), I drink a lot of cold water, juice and soft drinks. I tend to sweat a lot and could get dry mouth and dehydrated if I am not careful and drink enough water. While cool or cold water is great at satisfying the thirst and cooling you down, most of the times I crave something with some taste.

While I started with Coke and the odd Pepsi, I soon moved onto juices. I love the juices from Tropicana, Minute Maid & Real but it seems to me that most grocery stores during the lockdown seem to be storing the mixed fruit juice and I don’t much like the taste of it. Sometimes even orange isn’t that great. I prefer apple and cranberry and occasionally (especially during the summer months) i like litchi but then I try to go for fizzy drinks as they really do satisfy my thirst and make me burp, which I like.

I am not getting options for Sprite so 7Up has been the main choice so far. Also my parents tends to prefer it over dark colas like Pepsi, Coke or ThumsUP (which I haven’t had in decades). While some people feel that Sprite & 7Up is the same to them they really aren’t. My choice would be Sprite but 7Up has been the loyal one since I was a little kid. I only started drinking Sprite 15-17 years ago when it started becoming more readily available along with Mountain Due but I guess 7Up is king for the summer thirst quenchers. I drink a large 350 tumbler every evening.

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