Kovalev Signs 2 Year Contract With Senators

I didn’t see this coming but it looks like a good deal for some slick offense and could get us 20+ goals a season. Ottawa Senators general manager, Bryan Murray, gave the slick Russian winger a US$10-million, two-year deal Monday, believing Kovalev will bring a dimension to his team that was sorely lacking last season. A 16-year NHL veteran, Kovalev spent the past six seasons with the Canadiens and in 78 games last season he led the team with 26 goals and 65 points.

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Prior to Montreal, Kovalev spent time with the New York Rangers, helping them win the Stanley Cup in 1994, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kovalev is the top-six forward Murray was looking to acquire and despite a rally of about 100 people outside the Bell Centre on Sunday begging the Habs to keep Kovalev, the Senators were able to make the deal.

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