KSEB & TATA Indicom Fuck Up Sunday

What a lousy Sunday it has been! Woke up at 8am and not wanting to get out of bed even to open the windows as it was quite hot and I could have used some fresh air. I lazed in bed for another hour when the power went out. Great! Not a good start to the day eh? It was now getting really hot and sweaty. I managed to get myself into the bathroom to wash myself and brush my teeth. Coffee & breakfast (rice cakes & lentil curry) was eaten slowly and took almost an hour, sitting at the laptop playing music and reading the Sunday newspaper & supplement took another hour. Now what?

Oh the power is back on but my ISP has not found that out – no internet! No problem, I thought I’d play some more songs till 12pm. At noon I tried to watch a Criminal Minds season 6 episode when the power went out again. I lay in bed again for 30 minutes when the power came back again. An hour later it went out again and came back in 20 minutes. The Kerala State Electricity Board does have a sense of humour – perverted and fucked up though it might be! Post lunch I was watching another episode and then was going to watch a movie but the power goes out again. It comes back in about 20 minutes only to go out 30 minutes later and this time the power outage lasts 90 minutes. If I had a gun, KSEB would be hiring entirely new personnel on Monday!

But I didn’t get internet connectivity for a long time today. And guess what? My ISP, the great Tata Indicom Broadband, seemingly has a new policy. They won’t run a call center / customer helpline. They’re customer care helpline number has been down for a couple of days and I’ve been facing internet outages during these last 3 days. So, if you service is down, you won’t answer customer’s complaint calls either? What a wonderful idea jackasses!!

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