Lab Grown Burger/Meat

Unless you haven’t been online or checked the television for news during the past few days, you should know about the lab grown beef burger. Dutch scientists on Monday unveiled a hamburger made from beef grown in a lab—not raised on a farm—that was then cooked and eaten at a West London arts and television studio. The patty, which also contained bread crumbs and a binder to hold the meat together, was then fried in sunflower oil and butter and taste-tested by a food writer and a food scientist who weren’t involved in the research, at a news briefing in front of an audience of about 200. The testers described the patty as largely having the texture and juiciness of meat, though not the intense flavor typical of beef. They said the burger needed seasoning. The multiyear project, which cost over €250,000 and produced the single patty, was funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. It may be another decade or two before lab-grown beef is stocked in grocery stores.

At the moment it is heavily expensive but there might come a time, once they perfect it and ensure that there are no issues in mass consumption, when the cost of making these patties are about as much as or perhaps even lesser than making real meat available for everyone. You could find the lab-grown beef patty expanding to full steaks, chops, ribs or racks. And why stop at beef? We could have lab grown chicken, pork, bacon, ham, mutton, lamb, fish, crab, squid, shrimp, quail meat, rabbit meat, etc etc. Can we look at a time, many years from now, where animals won’t ever be killed for their meat to be cooked as food for humans?  Also if they could find ways to make it very healthy for us by adding all the proteins, vitamins, fiber and all the good stuff that vegetables gives you, that would be great wouldn’t it? And if you don’t have to depend on the animals we could find ways to ensure than food is provided for everyone. The homeless, the poor and the the starving in every part of the world.

This is a step in the right direction. Soon replicators, capable of making these food & food products easily available in each & ever home and for each and every human, dog & cat. End to world hunger & thirst is what we should be striving for. Onwards humans!

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