Land Of Confusion

There’s too many men, too many people / Making too many problems / And there’s not much love to go around / Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?

Genesis had it right all those years ago when the British Prog rock band released a song with the same title as this post and had those lines in their lyrics. When I look at the news headlines, the reaction of people, the comments on social networking sites, people on the street, listening to people – this is one fucked up race we have. And there’s way too many of us causing a lot of grief to ourselves, to the animals and birds and to nature. How much have we raped the earth? What all are our fellow human beings doing that slowly destroys the beauty & resources of this planet? Our mother earth cannot take much more of this strife from us humans.

This was a blog prompt that I found in another website and it just brought a lot of images to my mind about all the stuff that has happened in just the last year. What is it about the human race? Can we not just chuck out our differences and get along with everyone so that we can progress for the betterment of all of us? Why not focus on the necessary things and good things and develop as a race that has conquered hunger, thirst, diseases, war, famine, death & destruction from natural disasters and explore the universe?

Can we all not just live as one race?

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