Larger Than You

Look out your window and up at the sky. Do you believe in something larger than yourself?

Yes I do. There are some people larger than me. A lot of animals too. Like a lion or a rhino or a bear! This apartment is larger than me. This building is lager than me as is this block and the streets and the area and the city and this district and this state and this nation. The sub-continent and the continent as well as this planet is way, way, way (add a few more “ways” larger than me. Before the planet Earth there is the moon and several other moons and asteroid larger than me. And then there are the planets bigger than this planet in our solar system. And if you go beyond this solar system there will be planets way larger than the earth. And then there is the sun. And there are other stars like our sun that are larger than our sun.

And if you check out this galaxy – wow man how large is that. How large is a nebula? I dunno. And there are possibly trillions more such galaxies of which, I dunno, a heck of a lot could be larger than this Milky Way galaxy of ours. And beyond that. Well I dunno. And neither do you. So don’t make shit up and expect me to buy that but none of us do. I prefer to believe in things that are true and factual. But yeah I do believe and know that there are more than just one something larger than myself.

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