Last Day Of 2015

Well this month, although in some ways has been good, as also been tiresome and length and weary. A lot of work hours. A lot of paper work….well online work which is on top of the normal work hours that I have to do. The fact that I get up by 6 am and come home by 8:30 pm or after 9pm makes me feel tired. This week in particular with it’s 14-15 work hours plus 30 to 45 minutes commute back and forth, has left me a very tired man.

Jeez, this month has flown by at times and gone at a snail’s pace at times. It’s been a lot of names and a lot of ids and a lot of excel sheets and ppts and walking about and sending emails and talking and training and making jokes and sighing at the end of each day. And hoping that things go well and avoiding trouble. This has been the busiest month for me.

So I have been back home for a couple of hours. I bought some Sprint (a 7up like drink), a nice rich plum cake, some Oreo, got a cold coffee and came home to drink some vodka + Sprint and finally ate dinner which was roti and chicken curry. I might not make it till midnight as I am quite pooped and a bit sleepy. So if I don’t get you at around midnight – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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