Last Day Of 2016

I forgot to blog about what I did on the 31st. Well, I woke up after 10:30 am and settled in front of the laptop till noon. I had planned to treat two young ladies from work – two very young ladies who I have trained when they first joined the company we work for as I am a trainer – who I am close with. I’ve been meaning to treat them for lunch or dinner for several weeks as they live in a hostel/paying guest and food isn’t that great there. They told me they enjoy going out on Sunday to eat at a nice restaurant whenever they are still in town.

So as they had plans to go shopping in the morning, I told then that I would meet them around 1pm. I fixed the venue for Golden Dragon in Ravipuram as they didn’t know most places here but they said they loved Chinese. And it’s my favourite place to go for lunch or dinner. We met a little after 1pm and we took a table. They wanted fried rice so I ordered that and Golden Dragon’s special dragon chicken and Hong Kong chicken. We enjoyed the nice meal till they had to go (they had been working the later shift the previous day and had only had a couple of hours of sleep)  and I walked them out. I then took an Uber to Center Mall.

I had booked a ticket for the 3:20 pm screening of the film Assassin’s Creed and it was so boring! I managed to stay awake (I was feeling sleepy too as I had little sleep the previous night though I was doing a 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm shift) and needed my coke and caramel popcorn to keep me awake. About 20 minutes after the interval I couldn’t bother to stay in my seat and so I walked out, went to the loo, returned my 3d glasses and went to the Big Bazaar outlet for a few things. About 20 mins there and I was back on my way home. As my folks were going to go to some place for the night, I thought I’d just stay home, drink some vodka and eat a pizza.

So I ordered a pizza from Dominos and a Sprite which I added to my vodka and enjoyed a few drinks with my pizza dinner until 11pm. I started watching tv shows and a movie and went to sleep quite late. Even after I switched the lights off at 3am I couldn’t go to sleep till about 5 am. I’ll post a blog entry about what kept me awake in a day or two. I feel good about 2017 and I am ok with what happened.

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