Late Lunch With Anil & Madhu

A meeting between the three of us has been long overdue. I guess work, family, personal needs & some other shit came in the way of Anil, Madhu and myself getting together and having a few drinks with some good food and some laughs. But a few months? I think that needs to be remedied.

We had to postpone our drinking session by a day since I wasn’t feeling so great yesterday. Today, there was no stopping me from hanging out with my buddies. We had fixed a meeting time as 1:30 pm @ Barista cafe. I got there on the dot and ordered a Swiss Mocha and waited for Madhu and then Anil to join me. We had our coffees and ogled at some young girls (silly old men) and then headed out to have some late lunch as we were starving.

Velocity Bar was our destination and we settled our collective asses on the comfy sofa style booth and ordered some food & drinks – 8PM whiskey for Madhu, McDowells’s White Rum for Anil & Romanov vodka for me. We had a salad, some egg burgi, chilly fish, chilly pork, chilly gobi and finally chappty and chicken curry (Kerala style). All along we chatted and laughed and also had some serious conversations about family & stuff.

I need this. I need to spend some quality time with my best friends and not worry about the time and forget about the daily stress. By 5:45 pm, we were out of there after our 5th round of drinks and went to Caravan to have some ice cream. By 6:30 pm, we went our seperate ways and I crashed on my bed for a long nap.

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