Late Night Ventures

I am even more tired that before. My work shift timings have changed yet again and this time it is for a UK process and hence we stick to a 4pm to 12:30 am (IST) time slot. I’ve been doing this shift from Friday onwards. Unfortunately because of the distance, I have a tough time getting back home. After 10pm we have intermittent state run bus services that are usually packed at these times. I leave at 12:30 and within 15 minutes I get a bus to Angamaly bus stand and wait for around 15-20 minutes more for a bus that will take me to Ernakulam town. I usually reach Kacheripady by 1:30 am and walk home (another 5-6 minutes).

Once I reach home, I’m tired and weary and wash my face, hands & feet and that wipes away traces of any sleep that I have. I lie down in bed and watch something for about an hour or so (I find Corner Gas episodes to be great at this time of the day). Sleep slowly reaches back and grabs hold of me and I switch off the lights and go to sleep for 6 hours. This is not a great way to spend one’s day and it will also take a toll on me. As it is I have been having health issues and now these timings are making it even worse. There’s nothing that I can do about changing the timings at the moment and I will have to grin and bear it for a while, until either something better happens in the office here or I get another job. I may have to just looking at the affects on my health.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Ventures

  1. Those late hours do take their toll. I know because I’ve done them too. Make sure you eat as well as you can and get enough sleep and you should be able to cope Hopefully, they will give you more reasonable hours soon.

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