Le Coo Who Did The Le Poo

My mom has a pet pigeon!

Well, not really but I’m teasing her about it. It seems that a few days ago she found a pigeon on the balcony and when she shooed it away, she noticed that it had an injured leg and that it kept it bent. A few minutes later the pigeon was back, so my mom threw out some rice on the balcony for the pigeon to feed on.

And now, she complains that the pigeon keeps coming back! Eh, mom – yeah right; feeding it is the best way to chase away a stray pigeon! Today while I was at home, this pigeon kept walking into the apartment via the open balcony door and we kept shooing it away. That’s when my mom told me about how she got herself a “pet”.

And then I noticed that the pigeon had left her ‘droppings’ on the balcony. A little dab of poo curtesey the little bird. Like I said to my mom, it’s probably the pigeon’s way of saying ‘thanks’!

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