Lean Green Ninja Machine

There has been a lot of publicity about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that has caused some controversy among old time fans of the TMNT franchise. If you grew up during the late 1980s to early 1990s or were a teen during that time, there is a good chance that the green ninjas had a huge effect on you. They were everywhere, so to speak. Even here in India, the movies were selling out or being rented by thousands & thousands of kids from all available movie rentals & stores. I remember two families fighting over who would get the last available copy of the first TMNT movie at a video rental store in the city! There were cakes made in the shape of the cool dudes for any kid who was celebrating a birthday (I almost got one for my sister, but she was turning 23 or 24 and didn’t like the comic heroes).

My cousins and I were huge fans of the foursome and we saw the first & second movies numerous times. We laughed at the jokes, debated as to who was the coolest turtle (it was hotly contested) and shouted ‘cowabunga’ and slapped hi-fives all around whenever we said that and provided good fodder for poking fun at ourselves years later! But no question, TMNT is a huge part of my younger days and I am still a huge fan of it.

A few years after we say the movies, they started showing one of the cartoon series on cable over here. Even though a few years older, I started watching them on a regular basis during the early evening time slot that they were showing it at. I think I saw the third movie, and definitely their least popular, a few years ago, although it was actually made in 1993. My original Turtle fever had died down but I was still nostalgic enough to watch it twice in a weekend. :)

Then a few weeks ago, while flipping channels I saw the 2003 started cartoon series of TMNT, which is even better than the cartoon series I had seen years back. I started watching it almost every weekday, as it is the perfect time for me – right after I wake up and have my coffee and breakfast. I have become a fan again and was looking forward to watching the new movie – only that it is a computer generated one and first impressions are that I am not too pleased with the way that the lead characters look. But we’ll see!

But wait : one of the songs that is closely associated with TMNT is “Ninja Rap” by rapper & el stupido Vanilla Ice, from the second movie. For my embarrassment, read the following : When I was 15, my cousin Suraj and I recorded a tape of us singing songs, making jokes & fake news, with sound effects no less,  and pretending to be a new radio station with djs and all. One of the songs I sung or rapped was “Ninja Rap” (with really loud & energetic shouts of “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go”) with altered lyrics since I didn’t have the originals. I still get hell for it now, 15 years later.


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