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Leap years; nothing very special but it only comes once every 4 years. So it’s special to some people.

Look at this : From Surrey, Englan Eric Keogh, 52, his daughter Bethany Wealth, 20, and his father Peter Keogh, 76 – were all born on a date which comes just once every four years. The family is believed to be the only one in the world where three generations were born on February 29. Also in the UK Savannah, Alicia and India Bullock were all born on February 29, 2000, and claim they have been ‘cheated’ out of 12 birthdays ever since.

According to the book, Guinness World Records, the Henriksen family of Norway holds the record for most siblings born on leap year. Karin Henriksen gave birth on February 29 three times, to Heidi in 1960, to Olav in 1964 and to Lief-Martin in 1968.

I checked out famous people born on 29th Feb and found singer Khaled, actors Antonio Sabato Jr., Ken Foree, hockey players Henri Richard, Simon Gagne, Cam Ward, Indian politician Moraji Desai and German footballer Benedickt Howedes all have birthdays on the 29th of Feb.

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