Leaving Mother Earth Behind

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

I’d miss mother Earth a whole lot. She is my home, she is our home and the only planet we have know so far. So suppose I’d be leaving on a space mission, say to Mars, like the prompt says and I can never return to Earth due to the duration of the journey and work to be done on Mars, I’d miss a whole bunch of things like:

The food, the variety and the taste. The women – of so many different colours and ethnicity. Ah the women. I’d miss the colours of the planet and the trees, plants and flowers. I’d miss the oceans and the seas, the lakes and the rivers and the fountains. I’d miss the birds high up on the trees and flying in the sky and their sweet bird songs. I’d miss the cats and the kittens and the dogs and the puppies. I’d miss all the animals that I can see on a regular basis and ones that I get to see on a not so regular basis. I’d miss the clouds and the rain – oh I’d so miss the rain. I’d miss the breeze and the rainbows and sunsets and sunrises.

I’ll miss the music, the movies, the tv shows, the sports events and the internet. I’d miss the various drinks – alcoholic & non-alcoholic – and the buildings and the mountains and the hills and the valleys and the greenery. Heck I’ll miss almost everything about the earth. The only things I won’t miss are bad weather, insects and mosquitoes and the fucked up assholes who try and ruin it for others. And ofcourse stupid, idiotic people in power and especially religious fools. I won’t miss those. But I’ll miss everything else.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

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