Leaving On a Jet Plane: What Will Air Travel Look Like in the Future?

Technology changes things at a rapid pace, from the mobile devices we hold in our hands, to medical breakthroughs discovered in scientific labs, to the fact that drones can be used for everything from selling a house to official government business. But, when it comes to air travel, what can we expect next from this ever-changing technology? Already, planes are more durable and safer than ever. When a Saudia Cargo air freight helps deliver cars internationally, you can feel pretty confident in the safety of aircraft nowadays.

So, what other technology can we look forward to in the future? Whether you frequently travel for business, or you’re just planning your next family vacation, let’s look at some of the changes you’ll see in the flight industry in the coming years.

Robotic Assistants in Airplanes

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but it continues to grow and evolve quickly. Today, AI is integrated into everything from customer service to scientific research. In 2019 alone, the AI industry grew by 154%. You can expect it to infiltrate airports in the future, too.

Robotic assistants will be found in airports all over the country. They’ll be able to help with your flight information while making it easier to navigate through the airport to find your gate on time. AI is currently used in many airports to make the check-in process easier and faster, so you don’t have to wait in a long line for the next available representative.


You know you’ve entered “the future” when your face is used as your ID clarification! Everyone knows how tedious it is to have to go through airport security. While it’s absolutely necessary for safety purposes, there has to be an easier and more efficient way to do it, right? That’s where biometrics will come in. Unique biological traits like your eyes and fingerprints will allow you to quickly be scanned so you can get onto your flight without having to show an ID, passport, etc. It means less waiting in line and even stronger security.

The Internet of Things – In the Air!

As a society, we’re getting used to having everything we could want at our fingertips right away. The Internet has made it easy to expect quick results. Eventually, the Internet of things will reach the friendly skies. You’ll be able to do everything from adjusting the temperature around you to dimming your lighting or lowering your seat – all from your smartphone. This will ultimately help to lower flight costs because fewer attendants will have to be hired, and you can enjoy your flight exactly the way you want it without having to depend on anyone else.

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of air travel. In general, things will become more automated and streamlined to get travelers where they’re going faster. Keep your eyes open for some of these changes in the next few years. They’re designed to make a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable flying experience for everyone.

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