Life According To The Alphabet

Here is a brief story of my life according to the alphabet…..

A. Age. – 39
B Biggest fear – That I will die an old lonely man
C. Current time – 9.44am
D. Drink you last had – coffee (with milk & sugar)
E. Easiest person to talk to – I dunno
F. Favourite song- way too many to mention here
G. Ghosts. Are they real? Nope, they do not exist as far as I know. If provided proof will accept that.
H. Hometown – Cochin, India
I. In love with – someone I have no need to be in love with
J. Jealous of – everyone who is happy and content and rich.
K. Killed someone? No, but I could…….
L. Last time you cried – It’s been a while
M. Middle name – Miserable
N. Number of siblings – 1 sister
O. One wish – to die happy
P. Person you last called- the ISP call center
Q. Question you’re always asked – Why me?
R. Reason to smile – friends
S. Song Last Sung – Crying In The Rain (a-ha)
T. Time you woke up – 8.20am ( on a Saturday)
U. Underwear colour – going commando
V. Vacation destination – Canada
W. Worst habit – brooding.
X. X Rays you’ve had – A few; my chest for infection, my foot a couple of times.
Y. Your favourite food – pizza
Z. Zodiac sign – Leo (not that I believe in that sorta thing though)

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