Life At Warp Speed

Weekends aren’t what they used to be. Is it just me or do the hours seem to go by much faster on Saturdays and Sundays? I started noticing this from this year. Although, after a very long time, I finally am enjoying a 2 day weekend and only a 5 day work week, the weekend seems to be going at Warp speed, leaving me feeling cheated and depressed as Monday rolls on.

It seems weird. All I did this Saturday was watch a movie, spend a few hours online and perhaps watch 4-5 episodes of Star Trek. Oh I did sleep in on Saturday till 11 am so I guess there’s that. Sunday I went out from 11:45am till 3pm – got an early lunch at a cafe, then got a haircut, went to get a beer at Couchyn and take money out of the ATM and go give it to my mother who is currently at my sister’s place. I was home by 3:15 pm, a couple of hours of Star Trek, then coffee and by 7:30pm I was watching football on tv.

Once that match was over it was 9:20 pm and time for dinner and more internet till 10:30ppm and back to watching more Star Trek! Then sleep and lo and behold the weekend is over. I used to do so much more on the weekends. But it’s over so quickly nowadays.

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