Life Without Blogs Or Computers

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Heaven’s to murgatroyd, I don’t want to think of such a catastrophe. That would be a disaster of the massive scale for me. I have always have had a pc at home since September 2006. Before that there was a huge period of time when I didn’t have a pc at home. I bought my first computer, a desktop back in late 1996. It lasted till 2003 when one day, after quite a few changes to the parts, it stopped working altogether and it wasn’t worth getting it fixed. From that day, sometime in April of that year till September 2006 I was pcless but I have used the internet in various internet cafes.

Since I bought that new desktop in 2006 I have always had a computer and I get online everyday. Well I actually have had some time without a computer. Back in 2010 my then computer died on me and it wasn’t worth getting it fixed as well so I went for a laptop. But I had to wait 3 weeks for my pay rise to hit me and during those 3 weeks I didn’t have either a computer nor the internet at home. So that also meant that I had 3 weeks of boredom to face without being able to listen to my vast collection of songs (my old stereo died a couple of years ago and I survive on mp3s), my movies and series that I download and no internet. I went out with friends a couple of weekends. I read a lot of books that were engrossing. I spent a lot of time flipping through channels and watching stuff that I wouldn’t watch usually. Cooking shows for example. Saw a few movies and some tv series. Slept a lot. And I spent a lot of evenings after work in coffeeshops. I played Brickbreaker on my Blackberry so much that I seriously considered turning pro……if they did indeed have a Brickbreaker tour!

I guess if it happened again to me, I would go out more. I would watch movies and tv shows on the tv (might even get a new flat screen tv for myself) and spend more time reading.

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