Listening VS Reading A Book

How many of you have signed up with Audible? I don’t know of other apps that gets you recorded versions of novels but I am sure there is atleast 1 or 2 out there. A lot of people I know like to read a lot here in India but I only know of a handful of people who have signed up for Audible.

Audible and other recorded versions are really good for people who don’t like to sit and read. Some people even say that sitting back and reading makes them fall asleep after a few pages, especially in the afternoons and nights, so listening to a book being read out to you is a better option. They can also listen to the book while doing other things like driving a car, at the gym, going on a run, cycling etc. Which is not possible when you are reading from a book the traditional way.

However I feel that there is something missing when you are letting someone else read it for you. Unless you a small child who wants a parent or an older sibling read a story for you. I would prefer to read the book myself because that is the way I have spent several weeks each year growing up and enjoying immersing myself in it. However I will give audio books another try.

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