Live In Or Marriage?

Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?

I am kinda torn about it. One hand I don’t much of a problem in a couple deciding to live together before they married or even stay that way for the rest of their lives or the end of their relationship. It would seem that it would be easier if they decide to break up and go their separate ways if they weren’t married and can avoid a messy divorce.

However I am old-fashioned I guess. Or I just respect marriage a lot. If you and your lover are serious about each other, love and respect one another, I don’t anything more wonderful than getting married and announce it to the world legally. I also do not think that it is a religious aspect as I am an atheist and religion does not have a stranglehold of marriage/weddings. But doing it as per the norms and regulations of your nation is more of what I would be going for.

So I would rather wait a couple of years, date and get to know your significant other, and when you are sure and ready then put a ring on it and get hitched. You don’t have to have a lavish wedding with spending money like it was the end of the world. A simple yet elegant affair that sees your family & close friends join and wish you on your new adventure.

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