Lonely Heart In Perfect February

February 2010 is a special month as it starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday – the perfect 4 week month. It also has only 28 days which I feel makes for the better month when compared with the 30 or 31 day variety.

This month also has Valentine’s Day, today infact. A day molded by card companies & chocolate makers to be the day of appreciating your loved one. The partner in your life. As you can tell, I do not like this day for obvious reasons. In it that I haven’t had a significant other for a very, very long time. And I do not foresee that changing in the near future, unless some woman comes along by pure accident to light up my life.

So like many other single guys or girls, I spent the day mostly on my own and ignored the messages of love being sent across the internet. I even refused to give a glance to the SMS messages that were being sent on a generic note. These things do not concern me at the moment. Sigh! But I wish it did.

One thought on “Lonely Heart In Perfect February”

  1. It’s just another day, really… the great thing is all the next-day discounted chocolate! Woo!

    ps: hubby and I didn’t celebrate at all. So there you go!

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