Long Day At Work & No Internet

Another long day at work yesterday, another 8 pm exit, another Uber, another late evening with no internet at home. That is what I was upto yesterday and why there was no post for yesterday. Not only was yesterday a terribly long and tiring day, working 3 hours extra and having to get an Uber to get back home. I have been working day shifts since December 2nd and ever since then I have been stretching at work on several days that it’s begun to feel like crap.

And when I come back home at 8:45 pm and switch on my laptop and find that the internet is down – my couple of hours chilling on the laptop and being online is gone and my relaxing for the evening is gone. Instead I have to call up the ISP’s hotline and raise a complaint and wait until the problem is fixed. Now usually I am all ok about the occasional technical complaint and I get it that things like an internet service does go down once in a while. Having worked in this industry for so long (mobile industry and such) I am cool with that and usually very understanding about it. But this particular issue has been happening every week for the past few weeks now and I am yet to get a proper resolution for it. And even though I didn’t raise my voice or make a fuss I did tell them that this is not acceptable as it has been happening quite frequently.

So after raising the complaint I sent a nicely worded two paragraph email to one of their managers and to their helpdesk hoping that they will look into the complaint and give me a proper resolution as soon as possible.

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