Long Ride Back Home

Back to work after a long but totally unenjoyable 3 day weekend. I sure won’t forget these last 3 shitty days in a hurry, although it would be wise to do so. I knew that there would be a ton of emails to sort through and issues to sort out. That is what I mostly have to do at work these days – sort out issues.

A 2 hour Head of Departments meeting started at 12pm and post that we went up to the cafeteria for a late lunch. Sitting with my team for some quick preparations for December and then back down to my seat. I worked till about 8:30 pm at which point I shut down my system and went to chat with the Tech head for a few minutes. Then a girl from HR and I took a company cab to go home at 9 pm – well I had to drop her first as there has to be a male staff member accompanying a female staff till her home.

So we sat in the car as it drove all the way to Fort Kochi where her home is situated. Along the way we bought a packet of sweet banana chips to munch on. That, and a mini burger from the office at around 7pm, ended up as being my dinner. I love the city sights at night with the glow lights & signs beautifully captured in the dark.

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