Long Way Home – Anthony Gomes

Long Way Home is a collection of songs that didn’t quite make it to the final list of Anthony Gomes’s 2006 hit album Music Is The Medicine. However there was no excuse in just leaving them hanging around, so later that same year, he released it as a companion cd. So let’s check it out.

The album starts off with guitar wails loud & in your face as Bring It hits your speakers. A wah-wah pedal drenched guitar lead breaks, it’s a kinda war cry of asking you to put your actions where your mouth is. Without You is more of the smoky bar kinds blues, with a backup singers and piano, telling a lover that the world isn’t right without her in his life. Gomes has said that this is one of his favrouite tracks.

A little bit of slide guitar introduces us to the next track Hard Line To Ride

, which describes a tough woman to love. It’s almost a destructive relationship. Purple Whiskey Sack hairspray download is a down & dirty blues-rock song about fending for yourself and having no one to trust. I believe the purple sack is about Crown Whiskey. Long Way Home is a ballad about missing your loved one and knowing that it will take some doing to get back to them. It’s a gentle acoustic ballad with just guitars. Monday Salvation is another rock n’roll number with backup singers about getting redemption.

Mississippi Hurricane is a Southern Blues Rock number about a cheating woman who left a path of destruction in her wake. Morning Star starts off with a Middle Eastern/Indian intro before going to rock mode. Soul Power is a gospel number that screams ‘Memphis’ influences and features a killer piano riff from Dylan St.John. Tilt A Whirl is an ode to 60s & 70s rockabilly & rock n’roll numbers, almost surf rock (dare I say it). It doesn’t sound like leftovers, so blues fan – get yo ass out and guy it!

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Here’s a live performance by Anthony Gomes and his band The New Soul Cowboy. The second song is Purple Whiskey Sack.

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