Looking For A 500GB External Hard Drive

I’ve been downloading mp3s (whole albums), lots of Star Trek (Original Series, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise), Stargate : Atlantis. Not to mention the old V, the new V and a few movies. All these files need space to store.

Other than backing them up on DVDs, I also want them for easy access on either my pc or on an external drive. I have a 120GB drive which is close to getting filled. I also have some tv series episodes and a few movies stored on my pc’s hard drive. That is also about to run out of space. So I need a new toy.

Preferably a 500GB drive and one that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. What I was thinking is that I’ll keep the 120GB for my mp3s and store videos on the 500. I’ll be looking out for one during my next visit to Marine Drive. I don’t have a brand preference but if it could have a really cool external design that would be great. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Looking For A 500GB External Hard Drive

  1. Only one suggestion – worry less about how it looks, and worry more about the reliability of the drive – if it fails, and you lose all your data, you will not be concerned with how cool the drive looks. Oh, and price too!

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