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So the time is running out on me leaving this current company and joining the small start up company that I previously blogged about. I’m coming up on the last 2 weeks of work left in the current company, after which I am gone. And since the company is located in Koratty – about 90 minutes away by car – I need to relocate or face a daily commute which will eat up most of my free time. I don’t like a long commute; I think I hate it more than the average guy. I currently live about a 30-40 minute bus from my current company, depending on traffic, and that is something I hate. So there is no way that I am going to continue living in Kacheripady and work in Koratty. The only answer is to move.

Now, I will look at a couple of options and only then move. My budget is small and hence I don’t think I can get a 1BHK within it. That’s what I would love to get; my own place and one that I can call my home (at a rent/lease). That would be so fucking awesome but I have to be realistic. Even though Koratty is a much smaller town than Kochi and as far as I have heard the rates are much cheaper, I do not want to get anything more than what my budget allows. And that means a compromise but I’m sure that later I will be able to find something better.

What I will have to get is a single bedroom with bathroom attached. I value my privacy and I draw the line at that; compromises for the sake of compromises be damned. I had asked people I know in the new company and a cousin who lives in Aluva (about 30 mins away from Koratty) to make inquiries about places for rent for me. This evening a colleague called me up to say that his relative had informed him about a place that’s right near my new place of work. It’s the top floor of a big house that the owners have converted into rooms for rent. It’s a bedroom, with a cot (you have to bring your own bed), a desk (for my notebook) and a chair & with a bathroom attached for about Rs.2000. At those rates, I think I will have to take it up. I’ll still be looking around and maybe I’ll find something similarly reasonably priced and hope to settle in without much hassle.

5 thoughts on “Looking For A Place To Rent”

  1. I’m going to try that out as well. Just wondering if I will need a kitchen – I can’t really cook much. But yeah, I need coffee at all times.

  2. @LB I can make coffee, do stuff with eggs, instant noodles and a lot of different sandwiches. Does that necessitate a need for a kitchen? It would be nice but not important I guess.

  3. I’m sure you’ll find a place that’s just right for you. I am so pleased about all the things going on in your life right now. It’s exciting!

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