Losing Touch with Old Friends

I think we all do have friends who we couldn’t keep in touch with and look back and regret the fact that we couldn’t. I find it ironic that in today’s world of easy access to communication via phones, cell phones, SMS, MMS, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc we probably find it even more difficult to keep in touch with people. Is it just me or do you all agree? Here’s the situation, everyone is just so busy and unfortunately that is not gonna change anytime soon. But odd that I find lots of time to send 20 tweets that are read or can be read by 300 people atleast and I have met around 10 of them in real life & know what another 50 people look like through their pics that they post.

I studied with around 55 other students from grades 6 to 10 and I thought that I’d be lifelong buds with atleast 20 of them. I catch up with them on Facebook & the occasional email. From the ages of 16 to 23 I had some really strong friendships that I thought would last – I do not have contact with any of them! Friends I made since then are much easier to keep in contact with, I dunno why just is so. But I can tell you that I regret not keeping in touch with atleast 30 people, who I think had a lot to contribute to my life and experiences.

And believe it or not I also have a few online friends, ones I have never met in real life, that I regret not keeping in touch with. I wish I could have changed that. Sometimes with some people, it doesn’t matter that you have never met them or never will. They still are great friends and precious to you. I treasure the friends I have now – here and online. And I promise that I will try harder.

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