Lost Art Of Writing On Paper With A Pen

Writing! Such a essential part of learning and especially learning a language. Remember the first time, as a small child, you were handed a pencil or perhaps a crayon and a blank piece of paper and your parent or some other older relative guided your hand that held the pencil/crayon and you scribbled your first scribbling on a paper? Your child mind couldn’t fathom that – “That! I made that. With this thing in my hand!” Thus starts the fascinating with using a pencil or a pen or a crayon on blank white paper. Then the colouring books and finally to writing alphabets and whole words, sentences and paragraphs in a book.

I feel like it has become a lost art to write. To actually write with a pencil on paper. I do so little of it these days that when I have to write a bit – like a couple of weeks ago I was filling out a large form for a job application while at an interview – I found out a couple of things. 1) my hand tires out so easily from holding the pen as I am no longer used to writing for more than a minute or so and 2) my handwriting has become so bad since I do not write as much as I used to. I mean, not that my handwriting was so elegantly beautiful back in the day. Oh no, not at all but atleast I got it to a stage where I felt that, especially with a really sharp ink pen or ball point pen, I could make a very decent yet simple handwritten text if I could also write it slowly. I used to have atrocious handwriting, so bad that my Chemistry teacher in high school said jokingly to me “Roshan, you handwriting looks a lot like dead insects and ants to me!”

But now when I say ‘write’, it means on the computer. I wouldn’t be able to write as much if I actually had to write it all up using a pen on paper. That’s just not feasible anymore. And when was the last time anyone wrote a letter? Not me anyway – I think it was the last century! OMLFG – I haven’t written a letter to anyone since 1999! Holy crap! Anyways, I do not think that in this day and age companies should make you fill up forms on paper anymore. It is ridiculous! Plus the forms have smaller blank places for you to write things down that you are always having to adjust what you are writing down. Get to the 21st century Indian companies.

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