Lunch At The Attic Steakhouse @ Marine Drive

Today Anil, Madhu and I were supposed to meet up for a long lunch as Madhu is leaving for Qatar in a couple of days. We wanted to have a little farewell lunch for him and spend a few hours hanging out as it won’t be possible to do anymore until he comes back on vacation, which is whenever. And who knows what could happen in the meantime so I was really looking forward to the lunch today. Unfortunately, Madhu’s dad fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital and hence we couldn’t all meet up.  Now as this happened just 10 minutes before we were to leave for the meet up, Anil & I decided that we would still meet at Coffee Beanz and then head to lunch or get a couple of beers somewhere.

I left my apartment at around 1pm and went to Reliance Web World at Marine Drive to cancel my Netconnect+ connection which I had taken up last July. In hindsight it was a mistake to have taken up that connection but at the time it seemed like a good idea. Due to a mess up with their customer care call center, I still had the damn thing active even though I called in a request to cancel the damn thing. Anyways, I first went there to hand in a cancellation request after taking a copy of my id proof and a passport sized photo. Once that was done I met up with Anil for lemonades on this hot, sunny afternoon as we discussed where we would go for lunch. My cousin had brought up the suggestion of a place called the Attic and since I wanted to try it out, I convinced Anil to go there.

The Attic is a small steakhouse directly above the Ela restaurant and in fact both are owned by the same people. While the Ela is more of a family restaurant with traditional style dishes, the Attic is more hip & Western. We found the place to be quite and cozy but a bit dusty at the windows (we sat near the windows) even though the view looking out at the main roads below is worth it. Nice tables, chairs and tulip style glasses. We got our menus and after browsing through them, Anil settled for a chicken steak while I selected the fish & chips.

I must tell you that I found the food a bit too pricey but boy of boy were they delicious. Both Anil & I loved our food. His chicken steak came with sizzling gravy, veggies & a large mashed potato while my fish was succulent & delicious but a bit small. I had a cup of mayo and another of chopped up onions and I had French fries version of chips. Everything was delicious. At first as we took our first bites Anil & I stopped to dissect the dishes and offer opinions but soon we stopped talking and concentrated on munching the food down. He was quite happy with our decision as initially he wasn’t so sure of the place and had wanted to get a beer as well (The Attic doesn’t have a liquor license) and it took some convincing from my side for him to come here. He managed to say good choice in between bites.

That being said it would have been the perfect place for some chilled beer which would have gone down excellently with the food we had. That was a shame. Anyhow once we finished out food, not feeling bogged down with spices and stuff, we still ordered fruit salads with ice cream. Very nice meal and a bit costly for regular outings but we might go there once in a while for a change of pace and to have some good solid steaks. The pic above is Anil’s chicken steak and below is my fish & chips. Finger licking good.

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