Lyrical Inspiration

Hanging onto promises and songs of yesterday (line from Here I Go Again by Whitesnake).

Think about that line, think about it really hard. It’s a description about a lot of us. It certainly is a fine description of what I have been doing on a daily basis for many, many years. You do the best that you can, you hope for the best results in return. You go with the good intentions of doing well on a day to day basis and keep your fingers crossed that the shit don’t hit the fan and that stuff doesn’t fall down on you. After all what we can hope is to do the best of our abilities.

So we go by our day and do what we can and then come back home and we do the stuff that we like & love. We listen to music – and the best songs that stay with us are the songs that we have been listening to for a few years. The songs of yesterday. The classic rock songs, the power ballads, the arena rocker – big riffs, guitar solos, drum fills, bass lines and keyboard melodies. The songs that mean the most to us. The ones that we start smiling and fist pumping as soon as the first riffs are heard. And we are happy and filled with hope for tomorrow.

And we go about our jobs the next day, face the challenges and then come back home. And then there’s more music. Hanging onto promises and songs of yesterday – perfectly fits my life!

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