Make Moving Day Easier For Yourself

Moving house is a pretty big deal. It is one of the stressful things that you can do in life, so it makes a difference when you can do it and still be able to remain calm. Planning ahead is what it is all about. You don’t want to be frantically packing and sorting out your final bills in a house before you go. So here is a checklist to help you move, so that it can be as stress-free as possible.

Removal Quotes

It depends where you are moving and what you are doing. If you are going into a rented property that comes with furniture, then you will probably manage to move with just a couple of cars and some friends or family to help. However, if you have a bigger house move, and have a house full of furniture to move, then you will need more help. You should book any help with removals as soon as you get a date to move, but it is important to compare prices before you do that. Then you can get the best deal possible for what you need. Moving house is going to be something that is expensive to do anyway.

Repair before you move

If you have been living in rented accommodation, then you will definitely have to make some repairs before you move out, otherwise it could cost you your deposit. So as a result, you need to go through each room and see what damage has been done. Some repair jobs can be as simple as taking out a nail and filling the hole in the wall. Some repairs might need to be much larger. Maybe you need to fix those vinyl windows. Either way, check what you need to do and do it in plenty of time; it won’t be something that you want to go around doing at the last minute.

Deep clean

On a similar note, it really helps to have a deep clean before you move too. You could hire someone else to come in and do it, or you could do it as you go along. You could think that you’re not going to live there anymore so that it is the new owner’s problem. But you want to move into a clean home, right? So if you make sure you leave a clean home each time you move, then the other owners should do the same.

Label boxes

Labeling up the moving boxes is something that is so important. When you pack room by room, it means that each box can just go straight into the relevant room, and then you can go from there to unpack it all. It can make the moving experience much quicker, as well as making it easier to find the things that you are looking for, like pots and pans. You might need to have things like tools handy when you move in, to put furniture together or put up shelves, so knowing where they are is really handy. If you don’t already have any tools, then that can be a wise investment pre-moving day, so you might need to look for some detailed info here about the kind of tools that you will need. It just helps you to be prepared and ready for anything.

Moving day bag

On a similar note, it helps to have a bag packed that you can have with you, full of all of the things that you will need for moving. When you get to the new house, you will want things like toilet paper handy, as well as things like chargers and plugs. You are also likely to want to have some snacks handy, water to drink, and anything else like diapers and wipes if you have children. A flashlight can be helpful too, as well as spare bulbs, as you don’t always know what time of day you will get to move in, and what the house will be left looking like.

Redirect mail

Something that is really smart to do, and can often get forgotten about, is redirecting your mail. When you redirect your mail, it helps you to not have to stress out about changing your address details with places like the bank, before you move. If you pay to redirect your mail for three months, for example, then you have all of that time where you can then change your address with everyone, rather than having to rush to do it before you move. Just a little thing that can help to make moving day less stressful.

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