Make Them Eggactly As I Tell You To

Share your favorite recipe that includes eggs.

Hmmm, favourite recipe that includes eggs. For a guy who loves his eggs a simple way, like an omelet or bulls-eye/sunny side up, this can be hard.

So once in a while I like a spicy egg burgi or scrambled eggs (especially if it’s duck’s eggs) but I guess my favourite recipe for eggs could possibly be the beef omelet and French toasts. I love meat omelet and either ground beef or mutton would be great. Cook the minced or ground beef/mutton separately with spices and then make an omelet, keeping the minced meat stuffed inside. It’s great that way and perfect while drinking some vodka.

And ofcourse French toasts – who doesn’t love French toasts. Beat eggs in with some milk and salt – other ingredients also welcome – and then dunk your slices of bread in that mix. Then you cook them on a frying pan. Voila! You got French toast. Tasty as hell.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS from The SitsGirls

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