Making A Spectacle Of Myself!

Something that I have been putting off for many weeks is getting a new pair of spectacles. Even after I broke the right stem of my trusted & faithful pair, I still manages to keep it hanging on to my ear and just about keep it in place. I hadn’t changed my glasses for the past 3 years and hadn’t checked my eye sight in a few more years than that. After a long time I visited Lens & Frames on Marine Drive.

I looked for a suitable frame for me; I don’t like fancy ones and try to keep it simple. I do opt for something like the John Lennon style frames and yes I do like transition lenses. You know the ones that I am talking about – clear indoors & darker shade in the sunlight. This helps you from straining when out in the sun. Other than that I keep it pretty simple. So I selected a simple frame and then decided to get my eye sight checked. They had an ophthalmologist on the second floor, so up I went.

My current lenses are -3 power and I was thinking that I might need to go for a slightly higher power lens as I had a slight strain in my eyes. I met the doctor, a relic from a long ago era, who shone many lights in my eyes and peered into them with some device. Then it was the equipment where he makes you put your head onto a setup and he peers into them. Then it was the reading test which surprised me!

My right eye was actually only -2.75 but my left one was a different matter. I needed more powerful lenses at a -4! Why is my left eye weaker than my right? Something I will never know I guess. So I ordered the change in the power of the lenses, paid an advance against the price of the entire package – 2 lenses & frames and will wait till Tuesday evening to get them shaped to my preferences.

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