Malkist Chocolate Cracker Biscuits

Back in January I had posted about Malkist’ cheese crackers which were a big hit in my home. I so love them and delight in having them with my evening tea/coffee. Whereas usually the crackers we get in India are bland and tasteless pieces of cardboard, these ones were delicious and a treat. So naturally I wanted to try other flavours that they have. So I bought the chocolate ones.

The crackers are crisp but the only thing is we have a tiny sugar granules, which for me is a problem as I am staying away from sugar. The chocolate isn’t very thick but just a light coating in the middle. However the brand of chocolate that they use isn’t the greatest and hence it is a bit subdued, especially when you compare them to the cheese ones. I’m not saying that it is bad; it’s actually good but not as great as the cheese ones. They are a bit of a let down.

Having sad that they aren’t a bad combo with your evening tea or coffee and will go great as a snack. I didn’t dip them in my tea but you know what it will be something to try next time. I just wish that they had a big more to the chocolate in the middle. No added preservative but it has food colouring. If the cheese crackers are a 8.5 outta 10 for me, these ones are a 7.

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