When I first saw this movie back in the late 90s, I knew that this was a film I could watch over & over and keep watching it for many years. The last time I watched it was 4 years ago but now I have a copy of it. Mallrats is a cult fav, written and directed by Kevin Smith and stars Jerry London, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty, Clair Forlani, Ben Allfeck, Michael Rooker, Joey Lauren Adams and comic book icon Stan Lee as himself.

TS Quint is preparing for a trip to Universal Studios in Florida with his girlfriend Brandi, during which he plans to propose to her. Brandi however tells him that she cannot go as she needs to fill in for her father’s date show as the original contestant had to back out. While arguing the two break up. TS’s best friend Brodie also happens to be dumped by his girl Rene, as he prefers to plays video game hockey rather than connect with her. The two freshly dumped friends go to the local huge mall to console themselves. When they discover that the date show is to be held at the very same mall they ask the help of local drug pushers Jay & Silent Bob to sabotage the show.

Brodie is angry when he finds out that Rene is dating his nemesis, Shannon a clothing store manager in the mall. Brodie confronts Rene to find out more about her relationship with Hamilton and the two have sex on an elevator. Rene seems to have some respect for Brodie once more, but the latter is later confronted and assaulted by Shannon.  Jay and Silent Bob have to come to Brodie’s & TS’s aid when the mall cops are set on them by first Shannon & then Brandi’s father. Then there is the bit with the bare breasted fortune teller with a fake third nipple!  Brodie receives advice on romance from Stan Lee, who was visiting the mall. Jay & Bob drug two of the show’s contestants and, after sneaking in, TS & Brodie take their place on stage much to Brandi’s father’s chagrin. During the show, Brandi recognizes the voices of Brodie and T.S., while asking he contestants some really dumb, staple, dating show type questions – to which Brodie brings the house down with his snide comments & answers. Brodie admits to Brandi that T.S. had spent all day trying to win her back.

TS uses this opening to propose to Brandi in front of the crowd and she accepts.  As the police arrive to arrest T.S. and Brodie after the show is over, Silent Bob plays a sex tape of Shannon and a 15 year old girl, a friend of Brodie’s, which she had documented for a project. In a tip of the hat to Star Wars and the Jedi’s ability to move things with the power of their minds. Shannon gets arrested by the watching cops. At the end of the film Brodie and Rene renew their relationship, T.S. marries Brandi, while the show’s producers are so impressed with Brodie’s stage banter that they offer him his own talk show, dumping Brandi’s father in the process, with Rene as his bandleader.

Funny, endearing and memorable. I’ll always love this movie. 8 out of 10!

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  1. Mallrats is one of those films that can be enjoyed, and to watch with the rest of the films such as Dogma, and many other of the Jay and Silent Bob films. But only watch if you like to laugh. I just watched the movie on Dave on UK TV just 10 minutes ago – great movie. Thanks for your review.

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