May Day Blues

Today is International Worker’s Day – but I worked and so did a lot of my colleagues because we work in customer care for a cell phone service provider. It has to be 24/7, 365. Yeah right, what the heck would happen if the customer support closes down for just one measly little day? Will all the stoopid customers curl up and die? Well, pay the bills first, fuckers!

Luckily it wasn’t a hectic day. And I am staying in tomorrow as it is a nation wide harthal. However, it is gonna be kinda crazy in my state and hence vehicles won’t be running and all but a few brave & fool hardy shops keepers will be conducting business as usual. Anyway, I have the option of staying home and I might do a little work from my home pc.

I got a pizza & a shake on my way back, ah that shake felt good. When it rains its so cool here and the weather is fine but a day after it stops raining it starts getting too hot & humid. I watched season 3 & 4 episodes of Friends, mixing up some episodes and not watching them in order. I just finished watching the episode in which Ross, who is about to marry Emily, has to choose between Chandler & Joey as his best man and finally ends up selecting both. You know, since they both are his best friends. The three dumbos tear up and I teared up a bit myself. But I was also laughing.

What a baby!

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