Maybe We Could’ve Loved You Better

One year ago on this day, the music world….we lost Jeff Healey to cancer. The loss for music is so great that it cannot be measured. His body may be gone but his spirit is still with us, instilled in every note of the guitar playing that he is famous for and in every word that he sung. The world became a little worse when he passed on. Lucky for us, we still have tapes, cds, dvds, mp3s & Youtube to cling on to his memory.

whisper online download

Here’s I Tried watch the christmas miracle of jonathan toomey online by the Jeff Healey Band.

the librarian quest for the spear dvd

download 30 days of night dvd

2 thoughts on “Maybe We Could’ve Loved You Better

  1. My fav song of Jeff Healey is ‘How Long Can A Man Be Strong’ – simply awesome! It’s a lot like my situation.

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